Vision Statement


As a community, we are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, knowing that new challenges provide an opportunity for us to grow spiritually.

Centered in prayer, our decisions reflect the love of God and the call of God to live in community and to reach out and care for others in our world. As human beings, we accept that we struggle with our own brokenness and that brokenness can lead to struggles in our relationships with others, even our brothers and sisters within our community. But, because Jesus Christ has given us the promise of new life, we seek to love and accept each other.

Core Values

1. Jesus is our life.

2. We are called to live in loving relationships with God and others.

3. Filled with the Holy Spirit, we continually find new ways to share the gospel.

4. As we journey together, we provide a place where all people are nourished and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

5. We are one body united in Jesus Christ.

6. Worship is central to our life.